FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

Who will manage my social media accounts?

Our team of social media experts will be responsible for managing all aspects of your social media campaign. You can call during the team’s business hours to discuss any ideas or questions you may have during the process.

Do you post all content for me?

Depending on the number of posts per week that come with your plan, our team will create, schedule and publish those posts on your behalf. You can use our social post manager to help monitor and review the posts we create, in addition to creating and publishing your own posts if you have additional content you want to post to your channels yourself.

How do you know what to post?

At the beginning of the campaign, one of our social media specialists will talk with you about your campaign goals and strategies, in addition to learning more about you and your brand. After that, we’ll create posts that embody your brand and campaign goals.

You can review these at any time using our social post manager and, if needed, call to have us make changes.

Can I share specific promotions or products?

Sure thing! Let our team of social media experts know about these promotions or products, and we’ll do our best to incorporate them into your upcoming posts as part of your campaign.

If you have USBEME’s Online Store, you can also learn how to promote your products with social media via our Online Store features.

Remember, this is your business.  Your goal is to get it seen by more than just you.  That is why we are here to help with our social media management.   It is really one of our best assets to your company.

Do you respond to customers for me?

No, we do not respond to customers on your behalf. Our job is just to make sure that you have a constant stream of relevant content and posts on your page. When your customers respond to these social media posts, it provides your business with the opportunity to engage with your customer base and to strengthen relationships with them.If you’re worried about how to handle negative feedback from customers, we’re here to give you advice.

Can’t I just use free tools to manage social media?

Sure, there are plenty of free social media management tools that are available for you to use. However, these social media tools still require you to create, schedule and manage the content yourself, which can be time consuming. With USBEME Social Media Management, we take on all that work for you so you can stay focused on your business.

Can you help me with Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or Yelp?

USBEME’s Social Media Management currently only covers Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you need help with Yelp, we recommend using our Get Found service.The other social media platforms, such as Instagram, have API restrictions that prevent us from offering services at this time. However, we will look into including those in the future as it becomes more feasible to support them. In the meantime, the USBEME Blog offers some great advice on simple ways to build a Pinterest following for your business and using Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

Will Social Media Management bring me new customers or more business?

By having your brand be more active on social media, the goal is to increase engagement from your customers, leading to more sales. However, since every business is different, we cannot guarantee that Social Media Management will bring more customers or sales.

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