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An Inspiring Success Story of Rock & Super Star–Overcoming Addiction To Form USBEME, An Exclusive Web Hosting Company!


Want A Good Looking Website? Ask A Good Looking Company!

Why Is USBEME Considered The Best Web Hosting Company?

Usually, Web Hosts are those companies, which lease out to their client’s space on the server with no real support!


You can call USBEME as the Multi-Tasking Company under one roof, which is hardly available in other web hosting companies! Not only do they provide space on the server along with Internet connection but also following additional services, which makes your web hosting very convenient.

Domain Name Registration – USBEME offers the complete process of registering, transferring, hosting and securing your domain.
Web Hosting – Unlimited space and 24/7 Support!
Personalized Email Service – Anywhere, anytime email access, 99% Uptime.
Innovative Website Builder – USBEME allows the entire construction of your website without manual code editing. They provide all the online proprietary tools for constructing your website.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing USBEME As Your Web Hosting Company?

Free Onpage SEO – USBEME will scan and correct the first 10 pages of your website, this includes meta title, meta description, schema and much more.
Free Copy of Serenity – Whoever orders a DOMAIN will get a FREE Digital Copy Of ‘Serenity’–A sincere message by the owners of USBEME, AND PAST AND CURRENT MEMBERS OF  KISS, GOO GOO DOLLS, The Runaways, Meatloaf, RATT, Quiet Riot, Queensryche and many more to make the world: Drug- Free!

Talk about Rebranding Sobriety!  These guys are doing it!

Why You Should Know About The Owners Of USBEME–Your Web Hosting Company?

USBEME is a God’s Gift to 2 brothers, Rock Star & Super Star, who successfully won their battle against drug addiction. After riding the roller-coaster rides of life, finally, they were able to completely come out of their bad patch and decided to give back to the community with some philanthropic chores towards the society.  Yes, we forgot to mention that their legal names are indeed Rock Star and Super Star.  They changed their names to let kids know they can indeed become a Rock Star or a Super Star without getting high.

To begin with–they launched a Nonprofit Organization called We Are One. The main motto of this organization was to reach out to those youths who are at high risk of getting addiction. Motivating books written by the owners were of great help to those youngsters who were addicted. These books and CD’s were given Free of Cost to them.

The new productive life of Super Star is the best example that has helped thousands of At-Risk Youths! You can also get a glimpse of Rock Star’s Interview on LA INK.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us HERE with your queries and we will be all yours!

If you would like to help support their mission, head on over to here as every domain name bought helps them continue their cause.   Imagine that?  Buying a domain name to help raise awareness.  

For Media Contact:
Company: USBEME
Owners: Rock Star & Super Star
Address: 26814 Malibu Cove,
Malibu, CA 90265 USA.
Mail: contact@usbeme.com

Website: http://www.usbeme.com

Rock Star Super Star Project: Be the Super Star of Your Life