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USBEME is a full service provider of all things related to building a website. Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting through our affiliate with Wild West Domains we currently have over 2 million domain names under management. As part of our website building offerings we offer a complete line of website builders, web hosting and custom email addresses. Part of our small business marketing offerings we offer email marketing software, search engine marketing software and professional website design. We’re grown year over year by delivering world-class products at competitive prices. On top of this we offer and industry-best phone support, delivered 24/7/365.  If you need Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting, you have come to the right place.

More than 23 million domain names under management
More than 100,000 happy customers
USBEME has more than 40 product offerings including Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting
24-Hour Phone support to assist with your website development

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Ethan Hamlin


Ethan Hamlin is involved in the day to day operations of USBEME, project management, and setting the long term goals of the company.

Ethan has been involved in the web hosting industry for over twenty years and has both run his own hosting companies and worked for some of the largest hosts in the world. Ethan has been a webmaster since the twenty of nine and loves to blog and build sites that help people learn about building their own...

Erin Fisk

Marketing Manager

Erin joined the USBEME team in late 2013 to head up the company’s marketing efforts. Erin is passionate about helping individuals and businesses grow their online presence and spreading the word that USBEME offers the best hosting and support in the industry.

Erin has worked in Internet related companies for the past thirteen years, including national ISPs, large web hosting companies, and domain registrars. She has spent most of her career either starting or working with start-up Internet companies and...

Robert Dunne

App Developer

Robert is in charge of all software and app development at USBEME. He developed a passion for problem solving at an early age and that passion led him to an interest in web development. Robert now has over ten years of programming experience, which started with PHP and MySQL. His current language of choice is Ruby, but he doesn’t mind working in other languages when the need arises.

Most of Robert’s time is spent enhancing our customers’ awesome control panel,...

Melissa Stewart

VP of Systems

Melissa leads our Systems team to keep USBEME’s server fleet and services running as smoothly as possible. She also works closely with our higher level staff to help solve advanced issues that require creative solutions.

Melissa started out with web hosting when she got her first job as a technical support representative for a local web hosting company when she was still in high school. She has always had a passion for technology, and has over ten years of experience...

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